Career FAQ

Since I get more career based inquiries than I have time to respond to, I’m creating this FAQ to provide a resource for those who reach out to me.

  1. Can you provide me with a job referral (as an online stranger)?
    A: No. Job referrals at DeepMind and Google come attached with a question on how I know the referred candidate. Thus, if you are someone I do not know, this question would nullify the candidacy of the referral.
  2. Are there any job openings at DeepMind?
    A: Check the available job postings under the relevant job ladder at Posts usually disappear relatively quickly (a matter of days I’ve heard) due to the overwhelming number of applicants, so I suggest some way of monitoring the page regularly. You can also follow DeepMind’s Twitter and LinkedIn accounts to be on alert for job postings.
  3. Can you give me some career advice?
    A: I will need to think more about how to answer this question because it’s very generic, machine learning was a career I pivoted into rather than deliberately optimized for early in life, and my path (like probably many others) is very idiosyncratic. My main advice is that you need to find a way to distinguish yourself and to acquaint yourself with people in the fields you aspire to be in. In my case, having a PhD from MIT, a research record, and former classmates who work in the tech sector was how I met those criteria. But that is not an option for all, so some alternative approaches would be to excel on Kaggle competitions or to be active on Discord/Twitter/Reddit community discussions on machine learning, for example. You can also learn more about the path of one particular DeepMinder on how he got into DeepMind: video article
  4. Can you tell more about DeepMind?
    A: Check out the videos on DeepMind’s YouTube channel, where you can find various DeepMinders sharing with you their story. DeepMind also has an excellent podcast for explaining the company’s vision and milestones.