Geometric Unity

Here you will find material related to my rebuttal of Eric Weinstein‘s proposal for a “Theory of Everything” known as Geometric Unity. This affair has been more interesting from a sociological perspective than from a scientific one, and it provides a case study for several dilemmas of our era, including the power that social media platforms have to shape the public perception of science and the ways in which those who wish to challenge the establishment are unwilling to be challenged themselves.

Primary sources:

Eric Weinstein: paper (4/21), video (4/20)
Brian Keating podcasts: 4/21, 8/20 (w/ PBS SpaceTime), 8/20 (w/ Stephen Wolfram), 5/20, 1/20 (w/ Garrett Lisi)


Papers / Articles:
Response to Geometric Unity (2/21, w/ Theo Polya)
Guest blog post on Sabine Hossenfelder’s blog (3/21)
Eric Weinstein Says He Solved the Universe’s Mysteries. Scientists Disagree (Vice, 4/21)
Eric Weinstein: How Not to Formulate a Theory of Everything (Cantor’s Paradise, 11/21)


Decoding The Gurus: Tim Nguyen on Geometric Unity (6/21)

Eigenbros: Inconsistencies with Geometric Unity (6/21, contains additional material on the Seiberg-Witten equations)

The Wright Show: Is Eric Weinstein a Crackpot? (7/21) (afterthoughts)

The Mills Series: The Eric Weinstein / Timothy Nguyen Affair (7/21)

Weinstein / Keating’s Response:

Brian Keating’s Geometric Unity release podcast (4/21, at 26:3459:16)
Joe Rogan #1628 (4/21, near 73:30)
Eric Weinstein & Brian Keating on Clubhouse (5/21)