Image Credits for The Cartesian Cafe

(work in progress)

Episode #10: Ethan Siegel

All images taken from Wikipedia or Ethan Siegel’s Beyond the Galaxy.

Episode #9: Alex Kontovorich

Host background: Amrit Amar
Ipad background: Joshua McAteer

Episode #2: Richard Easther

4:12: Wikipedia, Rebel Wisdom
15:19: Steve Mirsky
16:44: Shutterstock
16:54: Wikipedia, public domain
18:14: Nicolle Rager Fuller
19:34: Wikipedia, Luca Antonelli
33:29: Wikipedia, public domain
35:24: NASA
39:18: Andre van der Hoeven
40:14: Wikipedia, public domain
1:07:11: Wikipedia, public domain
1:33:48: Wikipedia, Betsy Devine
2:02:02: Christian Offenberg
2:04:15: Wikipedia, public domain
2:11:38: BICEP2 collaboration
2:16:48: National Science Foundation