Podcast renamed to The Cartesian Cafe. Episode with John Urschel released.

Two bits of news. First, I just released my latest podcast episode with the amazing John Urschel:

John Urschel received his bachelors and masters in mathematics from Penn State and then went on to become a professional football player for the Baltimore Ravens in 2014. During his second season, Urschel began his graduate studies in mathematics at MIT alongside his professional football career. Urschel eventually decided to retire from pro football to pursue his real passion, the study of mathematics, and he completed his doctorate in 2021. Urschel is currently a scholar at the Institute for Advanced Study where he is actively engaged in research on graph theory, numerical analysis, and machine learning. In addition, Urschel is the author of Mind and Matter, a New York Times bestseller about his life as an athlete and mathematician, and has been named as one of Forbes 30 under 30 for being an outstanding young scientist.

Second, I’ve renamed my podcast to The Cartesian CafĂ©. After some thoughts and discussions with friends, the previous name Deep Jam didn’t convey what the subject matter of the podcast was about. I hope the new name speaks for itself.

Deep Jam podcast episode on cosmology released

I recently released the second episode of my new and exploratory podcast series Deep Jam, where I discuss many aspects of cosmology with Richard Easther, a professor of physics at the University of Auckland. It was a lot of fun to cover such a wide range of subjects, blending both technical details and the history of science together. We’ve all heard about The Big Bang but most of us have simply never found the time to go into the precise scientific details (myself included, prior to this episode). My jam session with Richard was my way of revisiting the cosmic questions that have fascinated each of our curious selves at some point in time, but with the fortunate assistance of a highly skilled scientist and communicator.

More generally, my hope with Deep Jam is to fill a missing niche in the education and podcast space, which is to provide audiences with high-fidelity science and mathematics in a pedagogical and ideally entertaining manner.